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Question 124: What is the Gospel of Oneness view on the Second Coming of Christ?

The mainstream Christian view is that Jesus Christ will personally come back at some time in the future and rule the world with a benevolent hand after he disposes of the evil doers. Christians view this coming scenario as the end of the world as we know it.  All of the righteous people will live in peace and harmony in a new world and even a new universe. The devil will be defeated for a final time and so there will be no more temptations for us.  Everything will be wonderful and we will praise God and Jesus forevermore as we live our happy lives on a beautifully restored Earth. Every generation of Christians has believed that Christ could come at any time and most likely will come in their generation.

This is a dualistic view of the coming of Christ.  It presents Jesus as an external savior who will do all the necessary work to defeat evil and establish his heavenly kingdom on Earth. All we have to do is be faithful to affirm our belief in God and in Jesus as our savior.  It is a dualistic view because it paints Jesus Christ and God as beings outside of ourselves. It is a view of separation. It is actually a view of anti-Christ that so many Christians have accepted, and thus the elect are deceived. The delusion of separation from God is an anti-Christ view. The Oneness of Life is the reality of Christ.

Christ is the intelligent Spirit of love and oneness.  We are not separate from God or Christ. How can Christ come again when he has always been here and has never left? If there is anything that can be called the Second Coming of Christ it would be when millions of people have the realization that they are one with God and Christ and always have been. They would be like millions of Christ-like people walking the Earth and thus transforming it into a peaceful and harmonious place and make it a wonderful place to take physical embodiment for maybe hundreds or thousands of years.

However, as you know, (in your Soul-Self), our true home is in the universal consciousness of Creator God. The Earth is only one livable planet in this universe. The consciousness of God is Life itself, (in all dimensions of existence), and the consciousness of God is everywhere and every where springs from the consciousness of God. So the Second Coming happens one by one as we individually come to the realization that we are one with God and that God is the only reality.


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