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Question 139: What or who is the devil according to the Gospel of Oneness?

In the Gospel of Oneness God is the only reality, and God is the vibrationless Supreme Spirit from which everything with a vibration has come. The creation of the material universe is a show of the vibrational energy of God. The material universe is what we experience with our five senses. If we only believe in the material or physical universe, then we are “lost” in the delusion of thinking that the physical universe is the only reality.

We can’t see the atomic particles and the energy waves that combine to make physical forms. It wasn’t until science proved that matter and energy are interchangeable that we began to learn that maybe the physical forms are illusory. Even so, many people are not believing there is a God of oneness in and behind every physical form and energy wave.

This delusion of reality is what, in Vedic teachings, is called “maya.” This is the broad definition of the “Devil” with a capital D because it deludes us in all ways. We are, in a sense, under the delusion of the Devil, or the impersonal “Devil Force” that hides the reality of God from us. This delusion is a liar and murderer from the beginning of time according to Jesus. This delusion has spawned all the small d “devils.” This is the problem of evil that arises in a free will universe where God seems to be hidden from us. When every conscious being can do or think in unlimited ways, then all manner of thoughts and actions can happen, including the harmful ones.

So throughout human history on Earth, all kinds of harmful and cruel actions have happened. There have been plenty of devils with a small “d,” that is, people who have hurt other people, animals, and the environment. Some people who have gained lots of power have been responsible for hurting millions of people, and you know the ones from recent history, but there have been plenty more in the ancient past.

With all the evil that has been done in the past a “forcefield of evil” has become a devilish influence on people. This forcefield can be personified as a satanic being, although it has no reality in God’s creation. There are also evil influences from the non-physical realms. These come from beings who live in the astral realms but are still under the delusion that they are separate from God and other people. Some of these beings have a powerful influence and people may think of them as “fallen angels,” or the “principalities and powers of the air,” but they have constraints and cannot take away our free will. There is no one supremely evil person known as the Devil, but there are many evil beings who are deeply lost in the delusion of thinking they are separate from God.

People who purposely hurt other people think they are separate from God and can hurt other people and animals without hurting themselves. You can see this behavior throughout the world where people are hurting others. So basically, the devils with a small “d” arise from thinking they are separate from God and the rest of life. Even though they may believe in God, they think there is a separation between God and human beings and that God favors some people over others.

Another word for devil is anti-Christ because it opposes the Christ Spirit who represents oneness with God. The Christ is all about unconditional love, mercy, joy, beauty, purity, compassion and everything that we think comes from pure love. The reality of God is ever-new joy and bliss and infinite creativity and wonder. When people realize their oneness with God then they forsake the devil and all of its works and ways.

For the people who see God everywhere and are in the universal Christ Spirit of oneness and love, the big “D” Devil does not exist because they see that the physical universe, also known as “Nature,” is part of God. Spirit and Nature are one. “Victory to Spirit and victory to Nature” is the chant for those who realize their oneness with God. They have seen beyond the veil of the delusion of duality.

In conclusion we can say that the devil is an influence to do evil in this world, and although the devil may not be real, the pain and sorrow that come from evil are real; people and animals and all life in this physical realm suffer from it.
However, the Christ Spirit of unconditional love is a much bigger, infinitely bigger influence than the devil, and since the unconditional love and joy of God is the only reality, we will all eventually come back to the realization that we are individual identities participating in the oneness of God. The “Christ Spirit” may be called by other names. It is the intelligent Spirit of Love within God’s creation.

We are living in a physical world now, but the higher realms of Spirit have infinite potential to use our God given creativity. We are learning how to be co-creators with the Supreme Spirit. That is the Gospel of Oneness


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