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Question 47: What does the Gospel of Oneness say about apostasy?

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Question 47: What does the Gospel of Oneness say about apostasy?

Apostasy is committed when someone falls away from or leaves a religious faith. In some religions there is no fuss about it.  People have the right to pick and choose and change their minds at any time.  However, in some religions it is a very serious offense.  It is seen as a betrayal of God and everyone else in the religion.  It is like a blow to the collective body if one person leaves it, or worse, even denounces it.  This is usually the sign of a cult. A cult tries to keep its members under its control.

The Gospel of Oneness is not concerned about apostasy.  If someone is a firm believer in the oneness of all life, and then later decides he doesn’t really believe in the oneness of life anymore and even denounces the idea, he is quite free to do that. Such a person probably never really experienced the oneness of all life and just had it as a mental concept  that sounded good to him for awhile.

Truth is truth and it cannot be hurt by someone who falls away from the truth and even denounces the truth.  Why should such a person be punished? He or she is only trying to find out what the real truth is.  Maybe a person feels that they need to approach the truth from a different angle.  Or maybe his rational mind has been influenced by substance abuse or certain environmental conditions or peer pressure.  It may be hard for certain people to think straight or even concentrate on a subject for very long.  It may be difficult for certain people to really get in touch with what they deeply feel and think.

So apostasy is just part of the ebb and flow of life. A person may think he has the truth for awhile, and then, upon deeper reflection and new realizations, he may change his mind and go off on a whole new direction. In the freedom of God, people have the right to do that.


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