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Gospel of Oneness, Question 34:

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Hello Everyone, namaste:

Here is question 34:  I’m really into sports and competition.  I like to come out on top.  Winning is important to me.  What does the Gospel of Oneness have to say to me?

Go for the total victory of realizing your oneness with God.  Sports are games that we play to have fun, or win glory, or to earn money if you are a professional athlete. They give us temporary victories and defeats.   We can learn a lot about ourselves and others by playing sports.  We can learn how to cooperate with other people on teams.  We can also learn a lot about our egos because there is always the desire to come out on top and prove ourselves to be superior.

In competitive sports we try to win.  It gives us incentive to improve our performance.  It is good training for life.  Good sportsmanship is valued at every level.  The ideal sportsmanship is to see every competitor as also being one with God, and to treat them with all due respect.  We can play hard and still love the other competitors as being equal parts of God.

Sure, we try to win, that makes the game sharp, but if we don’t win, that doesn’t lessen our value as individual identities in God. To rise above victory or defeat, realize your oneness with all life.


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