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Question 126: About Ho’oponopono

Posted on: January 23, 2017

Question 126: Does the Gospel of Oneness advocate the use of the Hawaiian healing technique Ho’oponopono?

Yes it does because it is a universal healing technique that uses the oneness of life to bring healing and health to the practitioners as well as the people in need of healing.  When we heal ourselves we also heal other people. So the idea is to concentrate the healing vibrations on ourselves and also a specific person or group of people.

The technique consists of using the phrases, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” You don’t necessarily have to be in the presence of the people you are seeking to help. The idea is to introspect about your own faults and shortcomings that may lead to problems such as the ones experienced by the people or person in need of healing. All the while you keep repeating those phrases with deep feeling. You set aside a block of time to do this healing work.

Since we are all in this together, your healing vibrations will go out to the people in need of healing. We are connected to each other in profound ways.  You say “I’m sorry” because our own impure thoughts and actions have contributed to illness in the world. You ask to be forgiven because that frees the other people as well as yourself from holding grudges or seeking revenge. You say thank you to show happiness and gratitude for being forgiven and forgiving. You say “I love you” because love is the universal healer and the essence of all life.

It is important to love yourself as well. The more you love yourself and become happy with yourself the less you will criticize and judge other people. You will quit projecting your faults onto other people. You will accept that you have shortcomings and work on them without projecting them onto other people. You will be happier and the people around you will be happier

The idea is to take 100 percent responsibility for our part in life and for the ways that we have affected other people. As we are all part of the wholeness of life, we want to be in love with everyone and clear away the distress and disharmony that may lead to illness.

You can use ho’oponopono in any troublesome relationship you might have. If you can get the other party to use it also then you will be able to reconcile your differences fairly easily. If the other party refuses to cooperate then you can use it anyway, and some good effects will happen sooner or later.

You can also use Ho’oponopono to help heal situations around the world, such as the wars in Syria and other areas. If you search within yourself and find any warring tendencies or anger or desires for revenge or to lord it over other people, then you can abolish those tendencies within yourself.  You will be doing your part to bring peace to the world. When enough people have definitely established peace within themselves, the mass consciousness will call for peace everywhere. The oneness of life will be recognized and people will know that what you do unto others you also do to yourself.

*there are different versions of Ho’oponopono


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