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Question 123 – About the Force

Posted on: January 4, 2017

Question 123: Does the “Force” in the Star Wars movies represent a “Oneness” that can be used for either good or evil and how close is that to reality?

There are 4 basic ways that we can describe the ultimate Creator or Force of the universe: An impersonal impersonality, a personal impersonality, an impersonal personality, and a personal personality.

The Force is an impersonal impersonality. It has no feelings for you. It is the creative energy and power of the universe and anyone who learns how to tap into its power can use it for good or evil purposes. However, there are consequences to all actions and the universal power always seeks balance. We can see that Nature always comes back to some kind of balance. It is an impersonal oneness.

Old Hindu and Buddhist stories tell of people who gained power to manipulate the Force to their advantage, but in the end they were undone because they got too far out of balance.

Allah, the God of the Muslims, is like an impersonal personality. He runs the universe in an impersonal way. He will judge you on your merits and may or may not show mercy on you. You cannot get close to him and develop a personal relationship. You cannot draw a picture of him or represent him with anything material. He is to be feared and respected because your life is in his hands. Oneness is only seen in Sufi traditions of Islam.

The Tao of Chinese tradition is like a personal impersonality. It cares for you, nurtures you, even loves you and wants the best for you, but there is no personality to relate to. This is also close to the pantheistic view of God, which sees God everywhere but without a personhood.

The Christians, certain branches of Hinduism, especially the ones that revere Krishna as God, and some other religions see God as a personal personality.  In this view God loves you unconditionally and can be your mother, father, best friend, counselor, mentor, and more. For example, God was the son of Mary and Joseph, the brother of James and others.  Krishna was the son of Devaki and Vasudeva and the dancing partner of the gopis, and the charioteer for Arjuna. This personal God is also the Creator of the universe and invites all of us to realize our oneness with God consciousness.  How can a person on Earth be an incarnation of God?  A person such as Christ or Krishna expands their consciousness until they realize their oneness with God. It is not that they are the vibrationless  Creator who exists beyond time and space and anything material, but they represent the love, joy, wisdom and truth of the eternal being. On this physical plane of creation, there is much imperfection, but as we rise to the higher dimensions of the spiritual realms, we see more of the magnificence of the creation. Since the Creator is unlimited and eternal, She or He or It can be personal, and the oneness of the Creator is the only reality.


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