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If taken in the right way, it is a great story of oneness.  The Spirit of Christ promotes oneness and unconditional love. When Jesus came to Earth to represent Christ his goal was to  open the door to heaven for everyone, even those who opposed him. He gave teachings on oneness such as loving Creator God and everyone else as you love yourself. He said to love your enemies and forgive those who wrong you.  He wanted people to raise their consciousness and realize they were sons and daughters of God. He did criticize those religious leaders who were misleading and taking advantage of the common people, but those people could repent and follow Jesus also if they wanted to.

Over the years the Christian religion starting emphasizing doctrines of exclusiveness and duality. They put Jesus on a pedestal and said he was God and that you had to confess him as your lord and savior to be included in the family of God. They said we were separate from God and had to have an intercessor or a priestly class to interpret scriptures for us.

Christmas puts the emphasis on the birth of Jesus. It is a more innocent time. There is a great feeling of love, peace, goodwill, generosity and hope for the world.  Many people around the world celebrate Christmas as a time when the Christ Spirit came into the world for the redemption of all people. So I would say that Christmas promotes the Spirit of Oneness. You don’t have to be a “Christian” to celebrate the universal love of Christ.


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