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Question 118: About the liberation of women from religious and cultural oppression

Posted on: September 4, 2015

Question 118: How does the Gospel of Oneness benefit women who have been so oppressed or cast into a subservient role in all the major religions?
All the major religions have treated women as inferior to men and have discriminated against them in various ways. The founders of the religions may have advocated equal treatment for women, but cultures and religions have combined to relegate women to second class citizenship.

The religions and cultures of the Middle East have been especially notorious in mistreating women. In Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Iran, and just about every Middle Eastern and Northern African country women have been denied equal rights with men and have been subjected to much sexual harassment.

The Jews have a long history of patriarchy, but Jewish woman have fought for their rights over the years and are in better conditions than the surrounding Muslim countries.
Christianity has its roots in Judaism and, despite the efforts of Jesus to raise up the status of women, once the Roman Catholic Church came to dominate Christianity, it became a very male dominated religion which restricted the rights and status of women.

The Buddha’s teachings did not discriminate against women, but the patriarchal cultures of China, Japan, and Thailand relegated women to a subservient role in Buddhism. China’s other religions—Confucianism and Taoism, have also been influenced by China’s patriarchal culture.

So none of the major religions have taken a strong stand on behalf of women as the spiritual equals of men, at least not strong enough to overcome cultural barriers.

The Gospel of Oneness declares that all women and men are equal aspects of our Creator God. We are soul identities within the consciousness of God. And in our soul identities we have female and male energy. We have taken on incarnations in female and male bodies over our vast history of living in physical worlds. We may have been created as twin soul flames in a male/female polarity, but every soul is complete in itself and actually transcends gender roles.

The Gospel of Oneness is great news for women. They do not have to subject themselves to the patriarchal religions and cultures. And they do not have to be militant about it either. They can work on realizing their oneness with the Creator God of unconditional love. Women everywhere can give up the false ideas that have crept into their religions about them being subservient to men, or less than men. They can break the chains of old cultural and religious ideas on the roles of women.

Many men and some women will be against this change because they have internalized the cultural biases against women. Nevertheless, The Gospel of Oneness is the wave of the future. The old religions will fade away unless they are renewed by giving women full and equal rights and respect as souls equal to men in the consciousness of God.

The Gospel of Oneness isn’t a religion; it is a realization.

Here is the concept to realize in brief: Our Creator God is the only reality, existing timelessly beyond any created vibration or energy. God created the energy and vibrations which make up the created worlds. The personal intelligent consciousness of God is within all creation. This intelligence of God is sometimes called the “Christ Consciousness” and the “only begotten son of God” in religious talk. It is this loving intelligence that knows everything about creation. It is guiding and loving all creation in this universe of free will. Anyone, anywhere in this universe can tune into this personal, unconditionally loving expression of our Creator God. It can be called Father, Mother, Holy Spirit, Tao, or whatever as long as the name refers to the universal, intelligent Spirit of unconditional love and ever new joy.

Women and men have realized their oneness with Christ consciousness. Jesus is one powerful example of someone who realized his oneness with God. Many other men and women have realized their oneness with God. You can too. Don’t let cultural and religious ideas keep you in a box of limitations on your consciousness. No one can stop you from realizing your oneness with God, and in that oneness work for the liberation of all women and men from the shackles of religious and cultural biases against women.

The truth is that male religious leaders have had—and still have—an option to interpret holy teachings to exalt or subjugate women. They have, for their own selfish ends, overwhelmingly chosen the latter. Their continuing choice provides the foundation or justification for much of the pervasive persecution and abuse of women throughout the world.—Jimmy Carter

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