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Question 115: After all these years, why do we still have wars and violence among the people of Earth?
The illusion of separation is still very strong among us. We have widespread education but we are not taught in most secular schools that we are all of one Spirit. Even in religious schools we are seldom taught in an emphatic way that we are all one. So education in oneness is lacking in our schools.

Economic factors also play a huge role in the illusion of separateness. Almost everyone has to work for a daily income so they can buy what they need and want. Nations try to secure the resources they need for a thriving economy and this leads to possible conflict with other nations that may have a scarcity of natural resources. The leaders of this world have not solved the problem of world wide poverty because not enough people see us as all one. In some countries there is much corruption and lack of vision on how best to raise up the standard of living.

So when you say “after all these years” you have to realize that the collective will of mankind is very slow in making progress. It takes centuries to accomplish things we know ought to be done. Take slavery for example. Look how long it took the United States, an educated country with a bill of rights, to abolish slavery, and it took a frightful civil war to do it. And even after the war, there was still a struggle for equal rights for the ex-slaves and their descendents.

The hope for rapid progress is in reaching a critical mass of people realizing the oneness of all life. Once a certain amount of people realize a profound truth, then progress comes more quickly. The best service we can do for this world is to become Self-realized. Generations will come and go on this Earth, and we are on an upward spiral toward enlightenment, so our contribution is important to ending wars and violence on this Earth no matter how long it takes.

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