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Question 109: About being exclusive

Posted on: January 13, 2015

Question 109: Isn’t saying “oneness with God is the only way to salvation” equivalent to saying that “Only belief in Jesus as your savior is the only way to heaven?” Both are exclusivist claims to the way of salvation and allow for no other way.
Here is the difference: Believing in an external savior is an external path. It is an intellectual and emotional acceptance of another person as your savior. If you think that such acceptance is the only way to get back to God, then it is indeed exclusive. And if you simply believe that realizing your oneness with God is your ticket to salvation, and is the only way, then that is also just an intellectual and emotional choice, and is also exclusive. However, we are not talking about belief, we are talking about actual realization. Realization is knowing in body, mind, and soul that you are one with God. It transcends any belief system.
You can follow Jesus and realize your oneness with God. You can follow Buddha and realize your oneness with God. You can follow Krishna and realize your oneness with God. You can follow Mohammed, Kabir, LaoTzu, Confucius and other saints or religions and realize your oneness with God. No one is excluded by what they believe. However, they are excluded if they have not yet realized their oneness with God. It is a process, apparently a long process for many of us, but it is always open and available to everyone.

Our own self-realization is the greatest service we can render the world. –Ramana Maharishi.

God is the only living presence within us, our only true bliss and freedom. Divine Nature, which alone is our ultimate being, has nothing to do with narrow self-interest or limited self-consciousness. Diving Nature can be realized and fully actualized in daily life by sincerely following any number of revealed paths. –Ramakrishna

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