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Hi Everyone,

Today I’m writing about the pathless path to God that has never been formalized as a religion.

Realizing our oneness with God is the essence of all true religions.  The purpose of a true religion is to bring us back to God, and in the oneness of all life I feel I am part of God.  I feel I am in the love of God.  I feel I am in the joy of God.

There is no need to follow any doctrine or dogma since it is an inner experience.  However, people can do certain things to help them have the experience of oneness.  Going into a meditative state with an attitude of love for life will usually help.  Keeping that loving attitude during daily life will help.

Being in the consciousness of oneness helps me move past my ego and connect with my conscious God-self.  It helps me to introspect and see my own faults rather than the faults of others. It helps me to purify my own motives, and to forgive and to overcome jealousies.  And it helps me work for the good of all.

Being in oneness helps me see why it is so practical to live by the golden rule because  whatever I do unto others, I really do to my greater Self.  It helps me know for sure that the ends don’t justify the means because God does not need to do anything evil in order to bring about a greater good.

Being in oneness helps me know that the words of God come to us at every now moment of every day.  It helps me feel the unconditional love of God.  It helps me know that I am an eternal identity in God.  It helps me know the abundance of God because God is endlessly creative and I am a co-creator with God because I have free will.

Being in Oneness helps me know I have eternal relationships, and that is a good reason to love everyone and to make peace with them.  It helps me know that I will keep on growing and transcending into higher states of consciousness.  It helps me know that even though this body will someday return to the elements, my soul will move on to another type of expression.
Being in oneness helps me tune in with all of nature and feel connected to the trees, the mountains, the animals, the wind,  the whole earth, the sun and moon, the stars and the vast universe.  I have written a book about the oneness of life.  It is available at  It is called Gospel of One, Letters of Aul.


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