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Question 78 — Are we good or evil?

Posted on: February 14, 2013

Entwurf zu einem Engel

Entwurf zu einem Engel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

78)    We are such sinners!  How can the Gospel of Oneness save us?  It assumes that people are basically good because we came from God, but look at our history—it shows that we are evil.  We need a savior such as Jesus who died for our sins.  That’s the only way we can be saved.  We can’t be good enough to be accepted into God’s holy presence, but Jesus paid the price for us by dying on the cross.


The Gospel of Oneness does say that we all came from Creator God, and that we are all part of the one consciousness of God.  The Creator is one unified whole.  There is nothing outside the consciousness of God.  The consciousness of God is so vast that it is aware of every atom of this universe of galaxies of stars and planets and sentient life.

As individual souls we have free will to experience our God-Selves.  It is a very long process of getting to know ourselves.  We come and go in many different realms, all the while gathering experiences about life.  This earth is just one place where we can experience physicality.  It has been a very challenging place for a soul to incarnate here.  We have been going through a long phase of ignorance.  The earth has been a place of darkness for a long time, but even so, many saintly people have lived here. Many others have lived upright lives of goodness and love. If you take a look at the common people of the world they are basically good, though with faults, but are decent, law-abiding people.  We are all evolving towards fulfilling our potential in the magnificence of God.

We are not cut off from God after one life time of living in ignorance. We are not  cut off from God even after many lifetimes of ignorance. To give a final judgment on people after such a short trial just wouldn’t be fair or smart.  Think of the people who turned themselves around in this life—people who were real sinners, yet they saw the light and reformed and did a lot of good. However, some people die before they ever see the light, yet they have the potential—if they just had another chance in a new environment, to bring out their innate God qualities. If you look at your own life you can see all the potential you have. You have so many talents yet to be developed. God isn’t going to condemn you for being a slow learner. We all move at varying speeds.

If Jesus takes on all of our guilt, blame, sorrow, and consequences of our sins, then we don’t really have to work very hard at reforming ourselves.  We pretty much have a free ticket to heaven just by believing in the right way whereas those poor souls who don’t know about or reject that particular Christian doctrine are out of luck. And luck would be the right word because if you were born into a Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist family, chances are you would remain in that religion. And so even if you were a good person, even a saintly person, you would not be saved because you didn’t believe in the right way.

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